Discover A New Future in Design.
Experienced enough to move your creative forward and fun to work with too! Design and production are passions of mine. Take a look at my work and then lets talk.

Why me?

Well, why not? I have worked with a number of large companies that saw the value in my abilities. From branding to national campaigns, logo design to illustrations and OOH to trade shows, I can provide you with creative that stands out from your competitors. Oh, did I forget to mention that I am also an experienced Production Artist?

Creative Veteran.
A total of over 30 years in the advertising and design industry. Still doing it because I love it. Every new task is treated as a challenge. And I revel in challenges. 
Rock solid creative.
You can rely on me to stay up-to-date with current colors, styles and trends. Don’t trust your work to just anyone. You need someone who has the knowledge to interpret your needs for positive growth and development.

See the difference.

When you have someone that has been around quite a while, knows the industry and understands the process, you have an advantage over your competitors. I do more than just design. I am also an electronic illustrator, photo manipulation expert, production artist/manager as well as being experienced in photo art direction. I have run my own design firm and been a Creative Director on a few occasions. Think of me as an all-in-one creative. I can work contracts with vendors (printers, photographers, copywriters, etc.). I know what is expected and I know how to achieve all the tasks given to me. Pretty handy to have around, right?

Modern and clean design
Educated and motivated
Photoshop expert
Small or large businesses
Image manipulation guru
Design or production
Professional and ethical
Highly skilled in Adobe Creative Suite
Passionate and dedicated

For all your creative needs

Logos, Brochures. Billboards. Posters. Catalogs. T-shirts. In-store design. Magazine ads. Booklets. Flyers. Promotional materials. Image manipulation. Color correction. Illustration. Sales materials. Packaging. OOH marketing. Banners. Vehicle wraps. Trade show. Branding. Managerial positions and much much more.









Rob DeLuke

MMGY Global

“Craig Fleck is an incredibly fast and efficient designer. He has impeccable photoshop skills and a relentless work ethic. He is a can do, no frills kind of guys. Every agency needs people like Craig. He works in budget and meets his deadlines without fail. Craig is a workhorse. I highly recommend him.”
Sharon Michel

Disney's Yellow Shoes

“During his time he made a great contribution to the Yellow Shoes Production Studio team with his production and creative advertising knowledge. He worked closely with many different Art Directors, understood their objective and created work that exceeded expectations. Craig is self-motivated, thinks ahead of a project and is prepared with solutions when needed.”
Celeste Weber

Toll Brothers, Inc.

“Craig has designing in his blood. He is always working to keep his skills up-to-date and stay on top of current trends in the marketplace. He is incredibly fast and very detail oriented. He would make an exceptional contributor to any organization.”

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